Monday, April 6, 2009

Free net, Twitter & Football

I go home, switch on the laptop and there comes a prompt saying "wireless networks are available". I had ignored this message many times before as on one occasion before all these ignorings**, I had tried my luck and not succeeded. This time, however, things turned out a bit different and i became a lucky douche* enjoying free wireless net at home.

Ok then, i've got the net but what to do with it ?, there's no DC to download stuff from. Hmm, there's at least unblocked youtube. Oh boy, this touchpad's gone cuckoo. Whenever i go to its edges, weird processes begin and the browser's ending up getting closed. Goddamn this chrome, it doesn't even warn when closing multiple tabs. Watching videos in this kind of environment ain't possible. So what next? time to check out some new sites or attend to previously unattended twitter account. Ha, twitter's quite fun, you can type-in what you would say to the person next to you while watching sports on Tv (when there's no one next to you). Reminds me of the Vodafone ads.    

Previous night:-

Everyone in the house's gone to sleep. I'm all alone and no, i don't even have internet access. It's 80 minutes past kickoff time, Liverpool are yet to beat the crossbar/posts. I get up and go sit across the room hoping for a change in fortune. 90 minutes gone, no good. At least, Babel and Benayoun are on. Can't bear this misfortune sitting down, i stand up, 2 more mins pass, and Benayoun scores. Out comes a clenched fist and a bottle bounces off the furniture at the other end. 

Next night:-

Man Utd's taking on Villa, i'm not alone and i'm not apprehensive. 2 mins into the extra time, surely no, they can't but they do! No clenched fist or bouncing bottles this time around. 


*-> I was feeling better before i saw the literal meaning of this word. Those unaware are advised to remain that way.

**-> word doesn't exist

Song of the day-> Knocked Up- Kings of Leon 

I don't care what nobody says
We're gonna have a baby
Taking off in a coupe De ville
She buckled up on navy
She don't care what her mama said, no
She's gonna have my baby
I'm taking all i have to take
This takings gonna shape me

People call us renegade
'cause we like living crazy
We like taking on the town
Some people getting lazy

I don't care what nobody says, no
I'm going to be her lover
Always mad and usually drunk
But I love her like no other

And the doctor seems to say he don't know
Where we're gonna go?
I'm a ghost and I don't think I quite know
Where we're gonna go?
Where we're gonna go?


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  2. Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
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