Saturday, March 8, 2008

Crap available in all shapes 'n sizes

Disclaimer :- Only for fans of Arctic Monkey (that implies for you as well :) )

Crap 1:-

I tend to fantasize every statement i make which at times completely ruins the total essence of the statement.

For instance, consider the following not so suitable example (but an example nevertheless)

Normal statement:- Ram goes to school

My crappy statement:- The weather's cool and Ram's cursing himself for having to go to school

Notice the not so subtle change? I tend to introduce things like that most of the time in order to make the statement look ..........different.

Crap 2:-

I have to submit a "short story" in a week's time and needless to say, the situation doesn't look bright.

Here are some professional reviews on the amateurish crap that i so prolifically* dish out :-

1) I use many expressions that are not supported and some which are unspecified

2) I ungrammatically separate the parts of sentences by using commas

Unfortunately for both you and me, i haven't got many of my writings reviewed. So i'm afraid i can't add anything more to that list .

Crap 3 :-

I searched rather futilely* for an earlier post where i had scrutinized my own writing. I have realized that the title of the post and the post have no bearing whatsoever on each other.

Crap 4 :-

If you had bothered to read my earlier predictions and then followed the corresponding results you must have noticed my unwavering accuracy :)

So that extraordinary strike rate has given me the incentive to make the following outrageous predictions in regard to the to-be draw :-

Manchester United vs Roma
Chelsea vs Liverpool

Schalke vs Fenerbahce

Arsenal vs Barcelona

Things can't get any more weirder (for now at least)

* i don't know if these words exist

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

UCL Predictions

Writing a post every other day has become such a pain in parts i don't wanna explain. So i figured out that a better alternative would be to just shut up and comment on what others have to say/write.

This is in stark contrast to my earlier self when i would just write and write without ever bothering to read what others are up to. Looks like things have changed, but for good or bad, i can't say. Maybe the recipients of my comments will have something to say about that.

p.s 1:- It seems that i have a problem with commas!!, so please leave them out at your own convenience

p.s 2:- this post ain't long enuff to be a post. So here are my predictions for today's and tomorrow's matches

1) Man Utd to romp home against Lyon

2) Barcelona to do likewise against Celtic

3) Liverpool to hold on to their lucky lead (match's on 11th BTW)

4) Arsenal may go through or not depending on whether they score or not

5) Real Madrid to get knocked out by Roma

6) Chelsea to beat Olympiakos

It's 1:15 which means i'm gonna leave this thing abruptly

By the way, India truly kicked Oz in places which matter

Monday, March 3, 2008


Aren't the members of the Opposition the luckiest people in the parliament ? All that they have to do is to find fault with the government's policies. What makes their job even more simpler is that, their criticisms needn't be funny (like that of a Jon Stewart or a Vir Das).

The simplicity of their job became even more evident in the way they responded to the finance budget. All that they had to say about the loan waiver was that, it had come too late. What kind of a retort is that ?%#^#*

All that the leader of the opposition had to say was, "the budget has communal overtones". Come on man, you seriously need to hire a person to help you sound smarter. Just having the Left party as a member of the ruling coalition doesn't mean that everything has to be oriented towards the left !!

The announcement of the waiver also led to the plunging of all bank stocks which was kinda surprising because such schemes will make the farmers borrow money from the banks instead of the money lenders and this only means more profit for banks (unless the government steps in, of course). Looks like the stock markets are as narrow-minded as the opposition party members.

News in Brief :-

Indian cricket had a rocking Sunday yesterday with both the seniors and juniors fighting hard to grab the head lines

Arsenal's title hopes are seen slipping away into the hands of Manchester united

Liverpool continues it's "neither here nor there" sort of run in the premiership

Real Madrid extends lead in La Liga to 5

Mourinho to take over at Camp Nou towards the end of the season and Lampard, Joe Cole might be heading over there