Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pointless Banter

My Laptop's keyboard has decided to fall apart and looks like the 'Ctrl' button has taken the initiative of leading from the front. That would have made a lot more sense had the laptop belonged to a CSE student obsessed with running a not-ending-till-midnite deadline-arriveth loop of cut-copy-paste, but as it stands it belongs to an ECE student. So pardon me for wondering aloud "what the fuck" .

If anything the key responsible for printing the letter 'I' should have bitten the dust first considering the number of times i use it in my posts. I seriously should consider not taking potshots at my own style of writing. That field of vocation as it is, seems to be- filled to the brim, packed like sardines, as tight as Mcgrath's line, as crowded as Mumbai's trains and weekend multiplexes. A word of caution -Considering all the metaphors used to indicate the high levels of density, It might not be long before the dreaded Terrorists decide to take a shot, so run for your lives people, just leave the poor guy alone :)

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p.s 1:- The portrayal of a "typical CSE student" was originally done by Phani Deepak(UG2k6)

p.s 2:- Just wanted to see what the heck 'poll daddy' was all about

Friday, October 10, 2008

A brief unauthorised glimpse into a Felicity 2k9 co-coordinator's mental state

My friend Vijay-the Felicity co-coordinator wanted some help in order to capture the spirit of Felicity in words and these are the replies which he received earlier in the day

1)A rip-off of last year's well-written brochure

2)An insanely desperate attempt-at-humor passage :- 

Once every year there dawns upon us an event which goes by an 'F' word. The speciality about this event, apart from the fact that it's so 'f'ing good, is the way it is presented. It's straight from the heart, it's frank and it's in no way inhibited by all the formal constraints. So why just stand and stare like a grumpy, rigid, cliched corporate boss when you can so easily jump on the 'F' ride and have a blast. By the way, we will ensure foolproof security to prevent blasts of the other kind.

The poor guy as a result of such co-operation and not to mention all the stress involved in the assuagement of underlying ego-conflicts believes that one day he might become like John Malkovich in the movie "Being John Malkovich". The only difference he quotes "would be the replacement of the words "malkovich,malkovich,malkovich......" by "felicity,felicity,felicity......." "

p.s:- I don't claim ownership of this post

Friday, October 3, 2008

Megan Fox, Mother Teresa and a Milestone, with a few descriptions to Mediate

I changed the theme of the blog (once again) and in the process of doing so, felt compelled to update it. Excuses aside, i came across a weird thing today whilst browsing. Did you know that Megan Fox plays the role of Saint Teresa albeit only for a fake trailer for a movie inside a movie "How to lose friends and alienate people"

Anyway, the concept of Megan Fox playing a "sexed-up Mother Teresa in an NC-17-rated film" got me thinking and, just like that an extra-ordinarily contentious theory cropped up, about which i now have the patience not to elaborate but will find some some fine day and by god, i intend to offend at least some of the truly Devout* that day.

Coming back to the present day and putting aside the devilishly brilliant to-be-portrayed canvas, have you ever considered the word "Brochure". It sounds and spells 'all Business and formal' and demands the entries to be likewise too. However, if brochure was to be spelled "Broucher" the following entries might have had a chance of making it

Description 1 (for an amateur college Reporting Event):-

Do you gulp gossip down like a glass of ale and go about vomiting on everyone ? Well, that's disgusting but this event makes it look ethical and you reporting committal. So grab a pen and rush out to the nearest bookstore to get that scribbling pad for there won't be any (remaining) when the event comes calling this.... (the name of the college fest goes here).

All that you need to do is to register and go about gossip hunting. If we find your bounty size-able, we assure you a boot full of prizes.

Why Broucher material? The "vomit" term, no matter how natural, can never make into a "serious brochure"

Description 2 ( for a quizzing event on movies and prime-time T.V series):-

Are you the kind of person who takes pride from the amount of inside information on movies and prime-time series? If yes, then there's only one way to prove your haughtiness. The game's gonna hit the screens this Felicity and by george, breaking prison would look like a child's play when compared to this titanic quizzing event which might make you feel all lost and home alone if you leave your game behind.

Caution:- You might require more than just a cheerleader to save your world (read pride) as we promise to leave it all shaken and stirred. Oh yeah one more thing, it's gonna be de -wait for it- lightful

Why Broucher material? Even though the word 'Vomit' doesn't feature here, the passage is ridiculously and obnoxiously titular.

p.s 1:- The word "Devout" has been used as a noun even though it isn't one. It would have been okay in a world of brouchers but alas, we live in a world of brochures and 'Wren and Martin'.

p.s 2:- This happens to be the 100th post and i certainly didn't try to make it any special. That sums up the essence of this blog actually- No one other than yours truly is shown as special :D

p.s 3:- The title should have been the other way round