Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mail

"As you know people from the media, other colleges, and corporate sector are visiting our campus for the R & D showcase. Out of curiosity, they may ask you about this year's Campus Placement status. Most of you don't have an exact idea about this and so can end up in giving the wrong impression. So it is in the best interests of the Institute and students graduating in the subsequent years to answer such questions in the manner mentioned below.

Q: How are the Placements this year?

A: Just like the previous year - excellent! All the students have been placed.

Q: So placement is completed?

A: Yes, but I think the institute is thinking of doing a second round of placement in April / May to give (already placed) students better opportunities - better jobs, with better compensation.

Q: Any other questions about placement,

A: I don't about these, but I can connect you to the Placement Leads.


Thanks for the cooperation, and please keep in mind that current year's placement decides the success of the next year's placement. The better the public perception of the current year's placement, the better the chances of following batches' placement."


As they said, most of us don't have the least idea of what's the truth and how things really are. So keeping that in mind, it would be completely unfair of us to contest the mail content. What's the use, one might argue, of arguing about righteousness of the means when the end in itself is righteous. 

p.s :- The word "exact" was replaced by "least" as some of us felt that the mail was covertly hinting at this very thing, but was too polite and diplomatic/official/"responsible/mature" to say so.


  1. I feel that this mail was not required. The whole approach smacks of dishonesty and I found the entire episode to be cheap. I wish we do not turn into a college that resorts to such hollow brand building. Shameful.

  2. I would rather have it if you delete this post.

    @Shark, Please think before you make comments.

  3. Please at least password protect. While we value each and everyone's opinion, somethings should be kept among us :)

  4. So... what *is* the placement scene in your college this year?

  5. @ Karan,
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you sound too naive in presuming that they don't think before expressing their opinion. If you mean to disapprove of his views, why don't you clearly state your own reason for thinking so ?

    It's too silly on our part to think that people will believe us if we told them that the placements were "Just like the previous year - excellent!"

    I believe discussions like these don't do any harm to our college's 'reputation', while naive answers like the one above do so.

  6. @Amused observer, In fact, its amusing to see how you've just rushed on to call the comment naive.

  7. @ Amused observer. The only reason why I wrote so was because Shark is an experienced blogger and student- I did not expect him to make such comments in public. As Sanrag says, this post should be password protected- such discussions should take place within ourselves. I had no other intention (Being a blogger, the first thing I've learnt is respecting others views).

  8. No one not related to our coll reads this, maybe there's one but that's all

  9. I actually thought this post is probably a spoof of some mail... but as it turned out it is the actual mail.

    I don't know how much this misinformation is going to help improve the placement. But the difference between local privet colleges(have been lying bout their placements since ages) and our premier research institute, will definitely narrow down. And there is quite a possibility of people not believing the past of future placement figures.

    If they don't want the media to know ... just ask the students to keep their mouth-shut, instead of asking them to lie.

  10. I think you do know the post will have least effect on these year placement but placements for future batches. I not asking to delete it or anything but atleast passwd protect it.

  11. I really don't see the point in doing it (passwd).

    It's discouraging to see things being done which we are ashamed to do in the open

  12. When I first read the mail till the last Question I felt very sad and how could one send such a pathetic mail ???!!! After reading the last paragraph I satisfied partially because it's about our placements in the later years, but not completely because every one in the whole world knows about the placements and jobs at the present situation. If we say the exact words written in the mail then we may be in deeper shit [:P] than if we say the truth....