Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suit Yourself

I need to write something really interesting or controversial in the first two lines for the post to get noticed. So here's a post which tries to be both, albeit on a minute scale.

Here are some statements which might interest people

1) The "Felicity review dinner" was dinner unparallel`. The food served was so sumptuous and fulfilling that i didn't even need to eat Maggi later on, in my room.

2) Sachin scores yet another century .Crime rate goes up exponentially at the same time, as sinners were convinced that even God was busy watching the Little Master at work with his Bat.

3) Stats which specify the salaries you might be getting on graduation from this college and also, the number of female employees in each of your "Dream companies".

4) Jodha Akbar rakes in the moolah, irrespective of the various bans imposed.

Here are some statements which might piss people off:-

1) Felicity dinner leaves a lot to be desired. People of all batches hurry back to their respective messes to fulfill at least some of those desires.

2) Sachin fails again in the CB series. Dhoni calls for the inclusion of more youngsters at the top of the order. Sachin rubbishes Dhoni's remarks by proclaiming himself as a youngster.

3) ECE course to be scrapped due to the non availability of jobs which are in sync with the knowledge levels displayed by the ECE students and professors alike.

4) "Jodha Akbar" exposes Hrithik's shortcomings as an actor. 'Aam Junta' says it wanted Aishwarya Rai to be exposed, not Hrithik !!

Disclaimer :-

I know NOTHING about the Felicity Dinner. If you know something about it, please let the readers know which category it belongs to.


Unparallel` is to be pronounced as a French word

Note from the Author :-

I had more fun writing the 'piss off' section

Friday, February 22, 2008

IPL bids -> bakwaas, me -> bakwaas(er) :)

The IPL bids have once again shown how poor a cricketing nation we are. By poor, what i mean to say is that we don't know how to appreciate good cricket. All that we care about is our team and our players. The bids made truly reflected the status enjoyed by the Indian cricketers even if they are as defunct as a Mohammad Kaif or as a Suresh Raina.

The fact that Yusuf Pathan got more than Ricky Ponting is in itself a pointer to the lack of cricketing brains of the bidders. All that they kept thinking of was brand value, and if things continue to proceed in this manner, IPL may not attract good overseas players in the future. Foreign players may come to play once they retire but youngsters may prefer to go the Michael Clarke way.

The salaries which they get here may be higher when compared to that paid by their Boards but money doesn't have as big a power as ego has, and this is where the foreigners might feel humiliated. Fortunately, the foreigners have (so far) acted in a very diplomatic manner by only saying that "the bids were surprising". I am sure that they felt a lot more than that, when they came to know that Irfan Pathan's brother had out bid them.

To be out bid by Irfan is a humiliation enough but to be out bid by his brother ##$$#@%

p.s 1)- I have no personal grudge against the Pathans

p.s 2)- Dhoni deserves every penny he got

p.s 3)- For all the Indian fans out there, start learning to appreciate good cricket, irrespective of which  country it comes from; the whole crowd goes silent instead of applauding when a non-Indian player plays a splendid stroke (except for perhaps the Bangalore crowd).

p.s 4)- I don't know how to use this ; thing

p.s 5)-Recently, i got so tired of spending all of my time with my laptop that i decided that "one of us" should go. But since, i am the one capable of thinking, i decided that the laptop should go (PJ of the day).

I am already beginning to regret the decision and am as a result, planning to get my lappy back by Monday. So expect to hear from me more often on topics more relevant than this.


p.s 7- caps lock got switched on by mistake in the above line, but i'm too lazy to delete that and type again

p.s 8- I swear there won't be any more p.s

p.s 9- what's the term for plural p.s ?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A briefer take on the brief take on felicity...... and "Blog Office" introduced

Comments at last!! They may have branded me as a pussy and a sucker, but i ain't complaining. The post* was basically harmless with some mild dose of criticism. Actually, it had nothing in it to justify the success it has enjoyed at the blog office. I would say that your response has been more entertaining than the post itself.

The ball was set rolling by a person who called himself "god". What kind of a person calls himself god? For a mortal, the term "god" wouldn't mean anything, except perhaps dog when read backwards. Dog or god, he sure was more interested in having a go at me rather than justifying his contrary stance. He also seemed to be obsessed with pussies ( only god knows what they are :) )

It's not so surprising to see that the people who disagree with me are from the UG-2k5 batch. Well, they had worked pretty hard in the months (read weeks) leading up to felicity and as a result, were naturally inclined to support everything that had anything to do with Felicity. May be their judgment was clouded by their large scale involvement with the event.

Anyway, kudos to you organizers. I'm sure that only you people know what a pain in the a** it is to conduct such an event.

All time blog office hits:-

An ever so brief take on felicity$200 m
A (B)ache trip to nowhere$170 m
Some random Pictures$166 m
Interview Blues - 1$160 m
Slipping away$148 m
Not another college bashing$120 m
Bandwidth wars and a stupid poem$118 m
A Movies List that ain't complete$110 m
Better than what i've been writing$98 m
Pen is........$94 m

p.s :-I am relieved that no one has come out in support of the soundtrack

p.s 2:- I hope that god doesn't read this and even if he does, i hope he takes it in the right spirit

p.s 3:- If any of my thoughts invoke slang in you, please feel free to express them

Coming soon : Education Blues (in sync with the times)

Monday, February 11, 2008

An ever so brief take on felicity

Disclaimer :- If you happen to be an organizer (Felicity) and are expecting to be showered with praise, then stop doing so, because this ain't just another "run of the mill" blog.

The disclaimer seemed prudent since 'praising the organizers' seems to be the flavor of the season.

Let me begin with the negatives (so typical of me)

1) Awards

If you hail from NIFT, then all that you have to do to win a prize is to simply participate in a event ! We then take it into our own hands and see to it that not even a single 'NIFT ki kudi' walks away empty handed.

2) Major Nights

They weren't worthy of their billing, both money and otherwise.

The Rock show didn't rock except for the few moshers up front. Last year's show was much better and the present rock scene(in our college) doesn't look so bright.

3) Soundtrack ( It may be the official soundtrack but has little or no bearing at all upon the event)

It sounds childish and......... i better not say more for the description can't get any better

Positives :-

You know all of them. So i guess, i can skip them.

My Participation (if you can call it that) :-

Took part in zombie zone. Got through the first round in FIFA, but didn't show up for the second round ( why?, not so sure i can share it with everyone) and also jumped about a bit, quite uncharacteristic of me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Post Match Analysis

England 2 Switzerland 1 read the scoreline, at the end of the match which was kinda flattering since the match deserved no goals. The English were largely responsible for the fiasco, caused due to their unsynchronized style of play.

Wes Brown was quite clearly the most embarrassing player present on the pitch accompanied with his innumerable amount of errors. Capello should see to put an early end to Brown's international career along with the likes of Paul Robinson.

Apart from Brown, Gerrard was the most disappointing courtesy his negative approach. He acted as a bottleneck for the English offense and indulged a lot in back passes. His only sensible contribution through out the match was his match clinching assist. Jenas brought along with him his recently acquired goal scoring run at Tottenham and was rewarded with his debut international goal.

David Bentley played in the position of David Beckham, and was overall a mixed bag. He doesn't have pace ala Wright Phillips or J Cole but has a bit more composure with the ball at his feet. Having said that, he can't cross the ball like Beckham. So Beckham might prove to be a better choice.

Capello did resort to some weird tactics like playing Crouch alone up front with Rooney playing as a winger.  Speaking of Crouch, i think that he is the most under rated English footballer and is more often than not, criticized rather unfairly.

The public broadcaster announced Gerrard as the man of the match for reasons, incomprehensible. J Cole was by far, the best player on view, which made me wonder, as to which match the adjudicators were matching.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

England's Friendly

Fabio Capello has taken a bold yet, not so bright decision by dropping Beckham (and thereby denying him his 100th cap). It would have been more senseful had he dispensed with him after the friendly against Switzerland. That way Beckham would have got his 100th cap and moreover, Capello could easily have cited Beckham's age as a factor for selection before the next international assignment, which happens to be the world cup qualifiers starting in September.

Capello said that Beckham's lack of match practice brought about his downfall but having said that, he did train with the Arsenal reserve team for about a month. He should have in fact, been rewarded for taking a break from his pop star life.

Rumor has it that Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole will be starting up front, which is kinda surprising since Michael Owen has more often than not, managed to score whilst playing for England.

To tell the truth, Switzerland ain't the best of teams and England should win hands down, no matter the team's combination.


The senior team to follow in the footsteps of their juniors who beat Republic of Ireland 3-0 (yesterday)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Good ol' days

This is the longest break that i have ever taken between two posts. May be, i showed you guys a lot more consideration than you deserve by regulating the contents of the blog (and thereby narrowing down my choices). Earlier on, i would have written whatever i wished to, but these days i no longer do that. Ain't that sad?

I have to say that i would prefer these on any day as compared to the dud(e) shit.






I wouldn't like to spoil the moment by saying anything more