Saturday, October 27, 2007

A rather self-proclaimed interesting post

The question of the day of today is, 'Do introspection and procrastination go hand in hand ?'. If i had to reply, i would give an answer in the affirmative because i happen to introspect only when i procrastinate. Having said that, these two are a bit like thunder and lightning because we introspect only when there is no more  room for procrastination. It's just like thunder which can be heard only after there is no further sign of the lighting it was supposed to accompany.

We actually do a lot of stupid things but we worry only about a few of them. Why is that ?, it may be because you don't have some big-wig words associated with those other activities. It is no secret that our vocabulary plays a big role in the way we look at things. So the moment you learn a word like "procrastination", you immediately realize what you have been doing wrong all these days.

This post may be amusing but it's surely boring. So to lighten this up, let me tell you about a conversation i am having with my friend as i write this. This friend of mine happened to ask me how many chicks i have (forgive the defamation ,girls , if any).  How can he claim to be my friend if he doesn't know the answer to that.

He may have erred then but what he came up with next was spot on (well kinda). He said that my features weren't mature enough and that i was more like a kid. I know that it is very easy to disagree with him with all the beard and the moustache, not to forget the large frame, but beneath all those bushes is a face which does look immature at times, to me as well.

What's even more interesting is that i myself happen to go with a self-proclaimed nick of "kid", which fortunately or unfortunately happens to have made no kind of impression on my friends (few of them scoffed at it, but that was it). The reason behind my self-proclamation however is, i  just liked the word "kid".

Friday, October 26, 2007

It doesn't concern you

I have my end-sems from Monday but that's not quite the reason why i haven't posted anything of late. I was busy watching some movies over the past two days which were for a change not so bad. This ain't self-glorification as some of you sceptics might think. Self glorification as it stands in my college as of know, is a term associated with a person who claims to be not studying.

The one thing which i would not like to do in the future is to discuss about exams here, since that's the last thing you would want to read about in the time of exams. Having said that, i might as well report some of my own performances because that might make you feel better about yourself. It is rather unfortunate that everything in the world is relative, it always comes back to the neighbor next door. You are happy as long as you earn more than him, the moment he starts earning more, you begin cursing your job which was earlier that day God-sent.

In case you are not like the afore mentioned "you", then may you have the fortune of not having to read this post (this is just as impossible as you not being the "you" :) ). Confused ?, read again.

You always need a bad person in the society to convince yourself that you are good just as you need a poorer person to think of yourselves as rich. If i had one wish, then i would wish to become invisible because there is no fun greater than watching a person all by himself, preparing to face the society. Is truth stranger than fiction, maybe, but as far as i am concerned, the hidden traits of the people around you are the strangest things you can ever come across.

This entry may be short but usually, what you see is not exactly what you are meant to see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lame Observations

The biggest draw back of my blog (at least according to me) is that it doesn't concentrate upon a particular topic. It keeps wavering between sports, college and academics. I personally like writing about sports because i am more at home with that topic and also there is always something going on in that sphere which makes it all the more easy to update my blog every other day.

Having said that, my posts relating sports don't do well at the B.O just like RGV's movies. On the other hand, the posts relating to college and acads more often than not, turn out into blockbusters (not really, they are more like average grossers). Why does this happen , maybe you don't give a damn about sports or maybe you have better sources of information or maybe i should really stop using this "maybe" routine (as far as i can recollect, this is the third time that i have used this "maybe" routine).

The other director who seems to be in sync with RGV is M. Night Shyamalan. Both of them had an excellent start to their careers but only to self-destruct. These days, one of them rolls out a movie every other week-end from his factory while the other just sits about waiting for a production studio to back him up. Maybe a joint venture between these two erstwhile directors can help them in realizing how awful they have become in recent times.

So what does this have to do with my blog ? absolutely nothing. That's what i am talking about, the beauty(excuse me) of my blog lies in it's unexpected behavior. Here's an  other interesting opinion, the length of a movie can be estimated by the time one takes to pee. The longer the movie, the longer one pees( law applicable only in a movie theater). So the next time you notice a person (not that you will) taking a long pee, you can safely assume that he has been to a karan Johar or yash Chopra production. You will have to be very lucky to catch a RGV fan taking a pee in the theatre because his movies are usually short and even if they are long, every one will leave at the interval. The threshold limit for his movies is usually 1 hr.


will be up pretty soon.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lacklustre round up of a Fabulous sporting week-end

Hamilton did all that he could (and finally succeeded) to prevent himself from winning the drivers' championship, but no one's complaining. I was from the first, apprehensive about a rookie winning the championship because it doesn't bode well for the "experienced" campaigners and the sport itself. Fortunately, Lewis choked big time and that's the only thing which can justify him losing the championship to a guy who was 17 points behind him with two races to go.

A commentator towards the end of the race,,cheekily (but rightly) pointed out that Alonso was relieved to lose to Kimi rather than Lewis. No one can blame the poor guy for he was the defending champion and losing his title to his rookie team-mate would have been humiliation unparallel.

Having said this, there is still a decision to be made by the FIA regarding the fuel irregularities of BMW and Williams. If they get stripped of their positions, then Lewis will undeservingly become the world champion. The race stewards had dismissed the case due to lack of evidence but then, FIA is infamous for all it's dubious decisions, so i guess we will have to wait and see.

Moving on, South Africa won the rugby world cup(as predicted :) ) beating England 15-6 in the final. Amazingly, there were no tries in the whole match but who cares as long as RSA keeps winning. Speaking of South Africa, they did manage to lose against Pakistan (in cricket) courtesy of Pollock who ran out Morkel, when they were cruising towards an improbable win.

Nalbandian beat Federer in the Madrid Masters final but it was not a big surprise seeing the way in which Nalbandian was playing through out the tournament.

On a personal front:-

First it was the La Liga season and now this F1 season, am i living a dream ?

Both of them were simply superb and the scripts they ran on would have been dismissed as far-fetched were they not happening for real. I would have been gutted, had i been supporting either Barcelona or Lewis but i am ecstatic, for i supported Real Madrid and Kimi. Too bad i had no one to share my joy with, as i was the only person watching TV at home on both occasions.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Its about something about something

I had earlier thought of writing an extensive report about the over-the-top security situation deployed in the campus in the wake of the on going military games next door but fortunately or unfortunately that moment has passed courtesy of my week-end break. Quite a long and boring sentence,huh.

Coming to the point, a certain chain-reaction was initiated by a psychotic death-eater who sent out a mail claiming that certain restrictions on our movements were unavoidable because of the rather liberal movements of terrorists in the city. What followed this was pure entertainment, for the mails which were sent out after that were the most sincerely stupid mails i have come across in the intranet.

To cite a few, one of them claimed that such rules were the perfect foil to 'kill' research and that these rules if deployed would only be instrumental in preventing them(or rather us) from completing their/our work before deadline. From what i have seen so far, deadlines in this campus are highly flexible which stretch on and on and on (can't stress enough) much to my horror. I am really terrified of these elastic deadlines  because they never let go even if you want to go. Coming to research, i sometimes wonder if i am in the same college as they are, because in my college, research is done only by a few balding people who have already lost everything (hair inc).

The mail which i found the most senseless was one which argued that giving a vacation was the best remedy to sort out this mess "brought about by the tensions arising out of such high security areas".


South Africa to beat England in a nail biting fought Rugby world cup final, notwithstanding the rout they had earlier inflicted on the Englishmen in the opening round. This is the first time ever, i am being optimistic about a South African team. ( Too bad it ain't being telecast on Tv)


First you had a problem with insecurity, now it's with security. What's wrong with you people :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Have you seen a missing poem ?

I know that my poetic skills are no where near that of my prose but writing a poem takes a lot more effort (no matter how disastrous it comes out). So the other day when i was stuck in a classroom without Shakespeare in hand, i decided to write a poem or rather a parody of a poem.  Yeah, you heard that right, these days i read Shakespeare in class, ain't that wonderful.

As it turns out, i am unable to locate my probability notes (which contains the poem :( ), so i guess you will have to wait a bit longer to lay your eyes upon my poem. So instead, i would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on how i met Shakespeare.

"I had also become quite trigger happy during the holidays, so much so that, i took a shot at all the offers that were thrown my way. Firstly, i decided to take a membership in the British library just because it cost only Rs.1100 per annum.Secondly i also subscribed to a magazine just because he had sent my father an application form. Both were completely unnecessary due to the presence of a “well equipped” library at my college which was, as a matter of fact pointed out by the librarian at the British Library."

Doesn't the above paragraph look familiar. In case it doesn't, then you better read my earlier entries. The above excerpt has been taken from my first post which clearly states how i got in contact with British Library. This library happens to be the middle-man responsible for introducing me to Shakespeare.

Let me familiarize you with this library first. It happens to be located near Tank-Bund (not on it's banks  fortunately) which takes me about an hour to go from my college in a bus. The buses are usually jam packed with smelly humans, so much so that even the stench gets suffocated. Why do i have to put up with this ? It's all because of my mother who feels that i don't need my father's car for such errands.

These buses(when empty) jump about so erratically, that at times you feel as if you are on a joy-ride in Disney land. Shedding my lousy critic's attire, let me come back to the great Bard whose writings sometimes remind me of my own (maybe i lost my humility somewhere over the Atlantic). When i read his comedies, i feel that the joke's on me for most of the time because i can't make out his intended mockery. What little i do understand, i try to chew it on and on until it has nothing left to hide from me. I have to say that his language is the most beautiful this world has ever seen. (dude- how is that possible dud, you don't even understand it)

Coming soon:-

A mockery of the present security situation in the campus and a poem, if i ever find my probability notes. My main worry is that it has no notes written in it which makes it more valuable than it would have been otherwise.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confessions of an Insecure dud(e)

Why am i insecure ? I had nothing to do with this word until a few days back when i happened to catch it on TV . The idiot box (pardon my cliche`) claimed that a insecure person is one who thinks himself to be smarter than he actually is and in addition also has a tendency to criticize others rather unfairly. I don't think that i managed to convey the exact definition but anyway when i first heard it, i thought that i was perfect for the role of an insecure guy. So that explains the presence of insecurity in the title, the other part concerning dud(e) should become quite clear by the time you finish reading.

The credit for this non-sporting post should surely go to the teaching assistant who in a fit of over-zealousy (may be i got a bit over-zealous in creating this unknown term) mailed the marks list of my recently concluded mid-semester examination. Me being me, i usually don't go to collect my answer scripts for fear of association of my face with my performance (not that he cares, but anyway). So i usually don't know how many marks i got in my exams. This time around he did send the marks list, i did see it and the rest, as they say is history.

They say that people get scared after seeing their marks but ironically i didn't get marks, i got a SINGLE mark!! I would have felt much better with a zero under my belt than with a solitary unit, too weak even to withstand my stinking breath (my breath doesn't actually stink in practice, that's the only fictional part in this non-fictional post). So anyway, i can only wonder how he gave me a [1] for that paper. If you happen to be wondering, my answers were pure fiction created in the spur of the moment.

The Aftermath :-

scene 1: somewhere deep inside the drain (read brain)

enter dude and dud

Dude - what's all this crap man, wassup wid ya ?

Dud - the part of you which thinks that this is crap, is crap

Dude- Huh, what did you just say ?

Dud- never mind, you are too cool to understand anything which makes sense

Dude- whatever man, what do you want me to do, sit down and cry !

Dud- just stop pretending like you don't really care

Dude- look who's talking, aren't you the one trying to redeem your lost pride through this shit

Dud- don't blame me ! we are both equally responsible for this shit

Dude- shit man , you just said shit, am i dreaming ?

Dud- does that really matter in these troubling times

Dude- I don't see any troubling times around, i bet you to show me one

Dud- haha, you think you are funny, don't you ?

Dude- why are you 'troubled' ? Is it because of your past performance or is it because of your potential future hard-ships.    Anyway i don't care coz i live in the present and everything's serene here.

Dud- now what, philosophy ? I got some news for ya, shove your dumb philosophy up your even dumber ass

x-The End-x

psst:- Only one scene was enacted in loving memory of my solitary mark

Friday, October 5, 2007

Colossus Kallis

I almost posted a new entry the other day except for the mis-firing [:)] wordpress server which mysteriously refused to acknowledge my latest offering. Lately i have had nothing to comment on except for sports and i am afraid that this one also belongs to that genre.

South Africa beat Pakistan today in a test match. Ain't that great !! Kallis was back and he duly showed how indispensable he is for the Proteas. Without him the result would have been a whole lot different and the decision to drop Pollock was much awaited,  especially considering the subcontinental tracks where swing is as rare as pleasant climate in Hyderabad.

Steyn is a bright prospect especially in test matches for he is bowler wyho knows only how to attack. The only problem with him is that he is as inconsistent as Sreesanth and gifts away many runs. Harris might have got some wickets but he doesn't look like one for the long-run. He relies a bit too much on the batsmen's mistakes to get his wickets.

As you might have noticed, my Champions League predictions have gone hay-wire (yet again). May be i should stop being so conservative and start predicting a few upsets in the upcoming matches.

Predictometer :- [effective since 1st October]

Football -30%

Cricket- Yet to predict

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Desi digs

Notwithstanding their recent 'outstanding' exploits in the T20 world cup, India have managed to once again disgrace themselves on the cricket field. They were very lucky to escape from Bangalore but, luck like fame doesn't have a long life.

Indians have missed out on a golden opportunity here, especially since Ganguly wasn't playing. If they can't win without him, then it would take a double effort to win with him in the side. As i say this, Powar has hit one out of the field much to the anguish of Rameez Raza who happens to be commentating. Wait a minute, the smile's back on his face (no prizes for guessing what happened).

Speaking of commentators, Ravi Shastri has always managed to irk me courtesy of his never ceasing partiality. He tends to praise everything Indian and disapprove everything foreign. That kind of behavior is completely acceptable unless you happen to be a commentator !. The rule of thumb for any commentator should be that they should be impartial. Even Rameez would rank higher than Shastri on the scale of impartiality.

Seeing the way he's going i wouldn't be surprised if he terms an Indian fart as music to his ears.

Prediction :-

Man Utd to eke out a narrow win over Roma

Arsenal to trounce Steaua Bucharest

Valencia to beat Chelsea

Real Madrid and Liverpool to win