Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mail

"As you know people from the media, other colleges, and corporate sector are visiting our campus for the R & D showcase. Out of curiosity, they may ask you about this year's Campus Placement status. Most of you don't have an exact idea about this and so can end up in giving the wrong impression. So it is in the best interests of the Institute and students graduating in the subsequent years to answer such questions in the manner mentioned below.

Q: How are the Placements this year?

A: Just like the previous year - excellent! All the students have been placed.

Q: So placement is completed?

A: Yes, but I think the institute is thinking of doing a second round of placement in April / May to give (already placed) students better opportunities - better jobs, with better compensation.

Q: Any other questions about placement,

A: I don't about these, but I can connect you to the Placement Leads.


Thanks for the cooperation, and please keep in mind that current year's placement decides the success of the next year's placement. The better the public perception of the current year's placement, the better the chances of following batches' placement."


As they said, most of us don't have the least idea of what's the truth and how things really are. So keeping that in mind, it would be completely unfair of us to contest the mail content. What's the use, one might argue, of arguing about righteousness of the means when the end in itself is righteous. 

p.s :- The word "exact" was replaced by "least" as some of us felt that the mail was covertly hinting at this very thing, but was too polite and diplomatic/official/"responsible/mature" to say so.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Inevitable

Didn't I ask you guys to pray for something ? Well, some of you didn't and look what has come about. You might say it provides them with an opportunity to avenge their last year's defeat but how sweet will the alleged revenge over a team who went through only because of an needless injury time OG be ?

Facing up against the team whom you have done a double over might have been more enticing. Hold on there a bit, didn't this team already do a double over the other team as well. Hmm, this team simply looks unstoppable. Anyway, the other team can be dealt with at the final but then losing to a better team in a final wouldn't be as humiliating to them as losing both home and away in a quarter final or even in a semi for that matter.

Now then, why am I even assuming that the other team will go to the final? It is true that the four teams in that part of the draw could so easily have been accommodated in the same group in the opening round but still, they have to get past them right. It is not as if they dealt their die-hard rivals a 4-1 drubbing at the away game. In fact, losing to one of these teams might be even more harder to digest.

Coming back to the match set up due to lack of co-operation from you people, it shouldn't be all that bad. Both teams look to have come alive in the recent past and the return of a certain Ghanaian might make the tie a bit more balanced than the BPL ties. The draw does make the path easy for the other team to reach consecutive finals but it also has chalked up a cracking lower half.

So whichever way you may look at it and whichever team you support, CL has once again shown why it just can't disappoint anyone.

p.s:- Teams' names are redundant for the fan

p.s2:- However I admit they would have helped

Monday, March 16, 2009

Buen Trabajo Rojos

Dud-> Do you know why's football back here?  

Dude-> No man, i can't bear the suspense. Please don't keep me waiting any longer, please... please... por favor

Dud-> You know how much i hate drama. Corta el rollo

Dude-> Cut the crap in Spanish, huh. I won't even point out the irony there

Dud-> Football's here because the other blog doesn't facilitate the posting of more than one image per page

Dude-> I can't believe i've been living my life without knowing that. If you'll excuse me now, i need to go and get a life 

Dud->That guy's simply unbelievable. Sus comentarios estaban cargados de sarcasmo



Liverpool have at long last begun to justify their ranking as the top team in European club football. With the Spanish national team winning the Euro, it would be only a matter of following it up if Liverpool are to win the CL (Barca might have a point if they say they are more Spanish, but we all know they ain't got a chance).  



Rafa is blamed for every point dropped and every goal not scored. So with the goals pouring in, shouldn't Rafa be praised even a wee bit ?  (was searching for his huge flag to put up actually, but couldn't find it)


Torres looks rejuvenated and a torrid Manchester United defense made him look all the more so. May be it was the other way round, the defense were made to look torrid by Torres



Gerrard leading from the front. How many times have we seen that? I'm tired of that cliche too


Aurelio looked like a tidy school boy in that hair style of his, and that free-kick was exactly that- Tidy and accurate 


Alonso was missing from action due to injury. The last time this happened, Liverpool won 5-1 at St. James'. Don't fool yourself, they also crashed to humiliating draws without him and with the help of Mr.Lucas

[The pictures have been nicely symmetric thus far only because i copied all of these from a single site. Hope the guy doesn't get pissed off if ever he comes across this blatant disregard for copyright]



No matter how convincing the score line, Rafa's team are not in serious contention for the premiership yet again. He may be a brilliant tactician in European games but he has come a cropper time after time in domestic competitions. Don't give the excuse of the unavailability of a strong squad. He has had plenty of time to strengthen it but he has just messed up his transfer calls.  Just look at the whole Robbie Keane deal and at the thought of bringing in Barry in place of Alonso. Sure he did a great job by getting him here in the first place and winning the CL in his debut season but that's simply not enough.


Will he be able to do that again? I hope he does (and that too by beating Man Utd enroute) but a lot would depend on the fitness of Torres and Gerrard, and Reina keeping his head. 


p.s:- Let's pray for Chelsea not being drawn up against Liverpool. Yawn

p.s 2:- The title allegedly means "nice going reds". Rojo means red but rojos, i don't think means reds

Friday, March 13, 2009

[Tag] Top playlist

Have to enlist the top played songs but i have no substantial facts as media players are but many. Anyhoo, if ITunes is to be trusted, this is what it says about the songs played in the last couple of months:-

1) Superman - Lazlo Bane, Scrubs theme song

2) My Love - Justin Timberlake

3) Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against

4) Killing in the Name of - Rage Against the Machine

5) King Without a Crown - Matisyahu :D

6) Amazing - Kanye West

7) 505 - Arctic Monkeys

8) Iron Man - Black Sabbath

9) Teardrop - Massive Attack, House theme song

10) Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

The list above, however, doesn't do justice to the albums which i listen to on wmp, like

1) Graduation - Kanye West

2) Twilight OST

3) Clerks 2 OST

4) Requeim for a Dream OST

5) Fight Club OST

6) All albums of Coldplay

Said enough i guess, it has already begun to look as an exercise in vanity.

p.s:- How about indulging in "Favorite Music Videos" next time ?