Friday, January 30, 2009

I keep doing this all the time, bah

The question which plagues any blogger, not feeling all at home with blogging for reasons he himself doesn't know, is what to post and what to not. Should i post this, should i not, why would anyone want to read this, why should i bother with who reads it, will i sound a bit too pessimistic or cliched or will i come across as a man desperate to sound different, should i really be using the same word twice in a sentence, am i repeating the same old phrases over and over again, has the novelty of my writing worn off  or the plain old but ever persistent: what's the purpose

All that melodrama to begin with (and now i have to refer the meaning of the word "melodrama" to see if it means what i think it means, damn you lack-of-confidence) but nothing much to follow it up with, just like an over-hyped India- Pakistan match, one might say. Now that analogy should have made you a bit more attentive, your back a bit straighter and the volume of the music a bit down, or i was mistaken in assuming you were passionate about Indo-Pak rivalry or quite simply, a silly cliched analogy doesn't arrest your attention. I personally believe it bodes you well if you belong to the last category. It's not that i've anything against those who are interested in this incessant, non-coherent, adjective filled blabber or those who are passionate about the rivalry.

Now then where was I, what to yedda yedda about next? Thinking aloud like this might help not only to lengthen your short-on-words posts but in certain cases, may also help your reader in getting a glimpse of your thought process. Ah well, i started writing this post with an intention to wite about what took place past friday but i got tangled up in this mangled mess and got carried away by this non-stop frenetic flow of blah blah blah.

I guess i was trying to compete with the way AB's going about his innings, should have been watching the match instead but the quality of the cable service in the campus makes it impossible to pick up the ball. May be the Parliament should look into the matter, as Champions League's (Ten Sports plzzz) gonna get underway pretty soon and what a bummer it would be for budding technical engineers if they are to miss out on football on TV. 

{Oh damn, AB's out. He would have been invaluable in the batting powerplay.}

With that innings-end, so does my motivation for further progress due to lack of competition.

p.s:- This is not the first time that i've posted a post with no substantial matter in it. May be i've abused this format too a wee bit. Anyway, it's for you guys to decide. Acting as a self critic has stagnated, it seems. 

p.s 2:- Ever notice my endings, they seem abrupt and not well-furnished. They are simply an excuse to conclude the post, as and when my patience runs out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poster suggestion for Rock Show


original image by Terrorblade.

guest author : Terrorblade