Thursday, November 13, 2008

Got something to do with CAT but has nothing to do with it

Are these the days when people busy fidgeting and future apprehending are ready to jump upon any sort of post that gets posted in the blogroll so that they can get their minds away from CAT or are these the days the most crucial indispensable resources to facilitate the blooming of a promising career that you can't even spare a moment to check the happenings in the blogroll? 

If you managed to read the first passage without even reading a single phrase over again then i guess you are pretty well prepared (for the RC section at least). In case you read it over and over trying to make it out (like me) then well it just means that you aren't acclimatised to nonsense that makes sense. No paper setter will go about giving passages after removing all the punctuations, so don't fret over it. Now then stop fretting for not knowing what 'fret' means. How can i fret if i don't know the meaning of fret you say, just because you don't know the word doesn't mean you don't feel it. Permission to present the first witness your honour, i would like to call on 'Goosebumps'.

Just to make matters clear i didn't intentionally undress my first passage, i am pathetic when it comes to dealing with the attires that come out of the comma section of the malls.

In case you forgot (after reading this far), you have an exam on Sunday. The least i could do would be to move out and make some place for luck and poise.

Cheers, have a blast !!

p.s:- The word 'fret' is indeed not known to everyone. You know it but that's because you have a strong(er) vocab. Guess that's a head start for you :D